About Newco

Jeff, and Newco Chimney Tradition, have been in business in Long Island for over 30 years. Jeff, a Long Island native, grew up and raised a family on the Island. Jeff prides himself in being the only guy in town who has been in the Chimney business, without changing his name, for over thirty years.

Jeff’s philosophy is all about the consumer. He, unlike many others in town, is on every job. Jeff shares, “there are many companies in town that say they are certified, but send out someone to work on your chimney who has only been with the company for a couple of days. The owner might be certified, but the people doing the work aren’t.” Jeff doesn’t work this way. Instead Jeff, the owner and operator of Newco, promises to be on every job. He does all the work himself and stands behind the result. Jeff shares, “People’s homes matter. I want to make sure the work is done right, so I do it myself. If something ever goes wrong, I’m the guy you call and talk to. People shouldn’t have to wait and that’s why I give people my personal cell phone – just for that reason. When they’ve got a problem, I want to know about it right away.” This is the way Jeff has built his business.

Jeff doesn’t take out flashy adds or create massive campaigns that try to undercut the competition. Instead, his goal is to do good quality work and be someone you can count on. Jeff knows, that if he accomplishes those goals, people won’t hesitate to tell their friends. That is Jeff’s whole business – word of mouth. That, in and of itself, should show why Jeff is the number one guy for Chimneys in all of Long Island. So, what are you waiting for?

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  • Newco Chimney Tradition
  • 179 Kingston Blvd.
  • Island Park, NY 11558
  • Tel: (631) 374-0999

About Newco

  • Just because a chimney business has certifications, it doesnt mean the person working on your chimney does. With Newco, the certified owner does every bit of the work!